By lifting the skin, EPOS KINESIOLOGY TAPE secures space for blood and lymph to flow smoothly again, allowing contusions and congestions to heal quickly. Another important aspect of EPOS TAPE is pain reduction. Our body can only accept one stimulus at a time and doesn’t process further stimuli around the spinal cord once one has been taken into our body. Once applied, EPOS TAPE will constantly stimulate the sense of touch, which is porcessed faster than the sense of pain. Because of this, the sense of touch reaches the spinal cord first, blocking off the sense of pain. As aresult, We feel less pain. EPOS TAPE also gives your body more stability by supporting it with tis elasticity of 40%. This elasticity is equivalent to that of the human epidermis providing an ideal grade of support. You can think of EPOS TAPE as a second, more resilient skin.

Long Story Short
It lets you recover faster, can correct false and relieving postures and increases your performance by supporting joints and muscles. Also it can be used for cosmetic purposes such as curing bruises and wrinkles.


EPOS TAPE features a special adhesive with a wave pattern design and a elasticity which is similar to the human skin. This offers a gentle and effective approach to the re-education of the neuromuscular system, the improvement of blood/lymph circulation and the relief of pain. Proving comfort and stabilty to your body.


01. Apply with correct application method
02. Apply with little or no stretch.
03. Stretch the muscles or joints prior to applying tapes.
04. Remove any, sweat, and/or dirt prior to applying the tape.
05. Avoid storing product in direct sunlight and/or high temperatures.
06. To remove, pull with direction of hair and move finger along to hold skin down.
07. Test patch is recommended for those with high allergic tendencies.
08. Stop usage immediately in the unlikely chase of skin irritation.
09. Keep our of reach of children.