In today's highly competitive world where you only train with the best eqiupment, use the best technique, watch every detail, why would you make a compomise on your kinesiology tape? Don't, use EPOS TAPE. Because sometimes suppusedly small things can make the difference between first and second.

Through our own production site and laboratory in Korea we are able to ensure superior quality in everything we do. All our tapes and materials are produced in South Korea under a strict quality management. We at EPOS TAPE committed ourselves to provide you with the kinesiology tape, no matter whether you're a professional athlete, amatuer or pursue your very own goals, we'll be glad to expand your horizon.     >> more...

It lets you recover faster, can correct false and relieving postures and increases your performance by supporting joints and muscles. Also it can be used for cosmetic purposes such as curing bruises and wrinkles.     >>more...
For all our products lines we use only the best materrials.


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